Spending more than needed

Carolina Cycle Service is owned by Carlo Gagliardo who is a former owner of Carolina Cycle Solutions. He has worked out of the same location for over 3 years.  His clientele has mostly been built up via word of mouth. He has worked on bikes since he was 18 and believes in quality work for reasonable prices. Carolina Cycle Service is operating out of the same location that housed Carolina Cycle Solutions.


All to many times we see customers come in who have gone to other places and felt they were ripped off, whether being they were over charged or low quality work. Many customers  end up trying to work on their own bike to save some money because of the fear of being ripped off.


In the long run 9 times out of 10 it ends up costing them more money for us to correct the problem. Word of advice, we are not always going to be the cheapest although we usually are; however, we do pride ourselves on being as close to the best as possible. So take your motorcycle, dirtbike, personal watercraft, and ATVs to someone who specialize only in repairs.


No glitz, glam, smoke & mirrors here just service work.



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